Hello and welcome to the world of ROSE ALCIDO BEAUTY.

I am still inspired by the words of Archimedes, a genius mathematician, when he
quoted these words hundreds of years ago, "Give me a fulcrum and I will move the
world". For Archimedes, if he will be given a place to stand and a fulcrum, he can move the world. What self confidence he must have!

But can he really move the world with a fulcrum? What Archimedes was trying to say is
that if one wills it, there is nothing impossible. And of course, each one of us can have
different explanation as to what the meaning of his words. Confidence comes from inner
strength, the strength that will only come from strength of character. And strength of character can only come from within. That is where beauty comes from. Beauty for me comes from within and what I do in my work, is to confirm it and enhance it. It is within you. My work as a beauty expert is to validate it with the best resources that I have, and from the research and knowledge that I have gathered in the years of practicing my profession.

So, here is my challenge to you.

Can you achieve younger, radiant looking skin? Of course, I'll show you how.
Do you want to change the condition and quality of your skin? I have the resources.
Do you have skin care questions and want answers? I may be able to help you.
Is there really a non-surgical facelift? Yes, and I can help you if you believe.
Do you want to look 30 when you are 50? Be inspired by the results of clients who once have
lost hope.
Acne bothering you for years? I have the treatment. Follow my protocol.
Wrinkles, sagging skin? Yes, I can help. Non-surgical facelift using microcurrent and faradic currents or Collagen Induction or Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation may be the answer without the knife.
Melasma or hyperpigmentation? Yes, my different peels will help you and a self-care
system. Follow my protocol.
Excessive facial hair? Definitely, yes. See the result and be a believer.

"GIVE ME A FULCRUM AND I WILL MOVE THE WORLD". For me, I ask you to give me a chance
to help you. You can not believe what results I have seen in my work. I am most of the time

COME AND FEEL BEAUTIFUL AGAIN. I am your skin's best friend.